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FKFX Vocal Freeze 1.4.0

FKFX Vocal Freeze 1.4.0 | Size: 48.76 MB
Language: English

Unleash the Eternal Sound Experience!
Capture the essence of every voice and instrument, preserving their spectral brilliance like a mesmerizing time-lapse.

Take your frozen sound to new heights as it effortlessly traverses a cascade of interconnected effects.
Immerse yourself in unparalleled precision with our cutting-edge, perpetually scanning high-rate FFT technology.
Discover the simplicity that fuels boundless creativity in every endeavor. Embrace the power of endless possibilities!

All freeze and effect will be activated with only one master knob. All the machine will follow this knob for an easy freezing

Each freeze will generate an synced and named audio file which you can easily drag back from desktop to DAW.

Add new and tuned landscape into your music. Feed with a voice, stop on the A or on the O, drop the recorded file back. Get the perfectly fitted texture instantly.

Cristalise and radian are able to transform any noisy noise into a sharp and crystal clear sound; when FFT comb can robotize it.

The four buffers can rotate in sync, opening new ways to stop sound at four different moments in time, using time gap control.

Make any frozen sound go way higher. All the responses al programable graphically, all accelerations are easy. All synced. All normalized with RMS auto control.

4 freeze buffers
Auto record frozen sounds with bar number naming for host
Auto Dry / Wet
FFT Comb effect
RMS auto level for high dynamics freezes
Phaser with respons curve
Reverb / Delay extra module
Morphing Load Manager.
Favorites Manager with Auto Ordering.
Random & Locked Preset Load.
Precise & Selectable I/O Vu-Meters.
Preference Panel.
Powerful Snap Modes.
Easy Morph Points Editor.
Flip Vertical & Horizontal.
Roll Points Left & Right.
Copy/Paste between GUIs.
Capture Edit.
Automatic freeze capture and spread rotation
Morphing LFO
Cristalize effect
Respons to freeze Frequency shifter
10 Filters with respons curve: LP4 / LP2 / BP4 / BP2 HP4 / HP2 / N4 / N2 /N2X / PEAK
Morphing LFO of level
137 Presets
3 Morphing Modes (Immediate / Morph / Linear).
Preset Manager.
Interactive Help.
Polyrhythmic Rates.
Morph Manager.
Drawing Pencils, Square & Line.
Multiple functions in Morph Editor.
Double & Mirror.
4 Randomize modes.
Free Run Mode

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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