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G-Sonique RRTX24 Resonant Techno Reverb 1.0

G-Sonique RRTX24 Resonant Techno Reverb 1.0 | Size: 10.26 MB
Language: English

G-Sonique Resonant Techno Reverb RRTX24 – Special creative algorithmic reverb
This is not a classic reverb. Techno music needs specific instruments and this also applies to reverbs. That’s why we have designed a unique reverb
specifically for techno music. The purpose of this reverb is not to create the most realistic simulations of real spaces, on the contrary, it is a creative reverb.

intended for sound design and production – to create new artificial spaces, resonances and sounds. Our goal was to create a reverb that creates gloomy,
deep artificial spaces, alien rooms, surreal atmospheres, percussive metal resonances, alien spaceship spaces, paranormal sound vibrations.

G-Sonique Resonant Techno Reverb RRTX24 is a VST plug-in intended primarily for the production of techno music (Deep techno, Dark Berlin /
Detroit techno, Minimal techno, Hardcore techno, Percussive techno etc.) but it can be used in a wide range of genres such as Neurofunk, Dark Ambient,
EBM, Experimental, Psytrance, Hitech, Darkpsy, Techtrance, House, Psybient and many others with virtually no genre restrictions.

The G-Sonique Resonant Techno Reverb RRTX24 produces various types of artificial as well as realistic spaces, from almost endless celestial halls,
to paranormal-sounding metallic ufo objects, to medium-length deep mysterious monasteries. In addition, it creates a large range of resonancethanks
to the 9 high / sharp resonant analog filters, a dsp filter inspired by dsp hardware chip devices, as well as a series of two special resonance circuits –
resonator 1 and resonator 2, which give this reverb a new unique dimension and a previously unknown sound. Reverb’s filter can be additionally modulated
by LFO including analog white noise to create brand new hissy analog atmosphere.

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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