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Glary Disk SpeedUp Multilingual

Glary Disk SpeedUp Multilingual | Size: 9.24 MB
Language: English

Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp (formerly Disk Defrag) is a comprehensive Windows tool designed to defragment the local drives and optimize space. It integrates some powerful features that should meet the requirements of advanced users, all wrapped up in a clean and attractive GUI.

Fast and efficient.
User-Friendly interface and interactive drive map.
Defrag automatically and intelligently.
Run as you scheduled.
Customized presets.

Installing the app takes little time. The main application window is split into two main tabs, dedicated to the defragmenting task and configuring settings, respectively.

All drives along with their capacity, free space, fragmented space and status are shown in a list. You can select one or more of them and perform an analysis to evaluate the defragmentation status before deciding whether this task is necessary or not.

Defragging or optimizing the selected volumes is done with the click of a button. In addition, you can schedule the PC to automatically power off after defragmentation.

An auto defrag mode can be enabled to run the defragment task automatically when the PC is in idle state, along with the option to pause when the CPU or disk usage exceeds a certain point. This can be done on one or more selected drives at a time. Furthermore, defrag only, or defrag and optimization can be scheduled on a recurring basis.

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