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Glary Duplicate Cleaner Multilingual

Glary Duplicate Cleaner Multilingual | Size: 10.08 MB
Language: English

Computer maintenance should be performed periodically and this includes running disk cleanup. But this is not the only way you can free up storage space, which might be affected by the presence of duplicate files located in different folders or drives on the hard disk.

Customizable duplicate search
As its name clearly suggests, Glary Duplicate Cleaner aims to provide assistance in identifying and safely removing duplicate files on your system. This way, you can save storage space, while also making sure your multimedia collection and document library are well-organized.

Glary Duplicate Cleaner can scan one or more drives on your computer, enabling you to filter the search and define the comparison criteria. As such, you can configure it to take into consideration the type, the name, the creation time or the size of the files. Moreover, the application enables you to add specific locations to an exclusion list that will be skipped at next scan.

Duplicate handling and quick removal
Once the analysis is complete, Glary Duplicate Cleaner displays the search results within its main window, automatically grouping files by their type into different categories, namely documents, music, pictures, videos and other. Images can be previewed, but this is not possible for videos or any other type of file.

Items that are identified as matching are shown in a list, enabling you to check the ones you don’t need and delete them with the push of a button.

Effortlessly find and erase duplicates
Glary Duplicate Cleaner makes it easy for you to find duplicate files on your hard disk, be them documents, music, pictures, videos or any other type of file. Unlike other applications from its category, it does not offer many duplicate management options aside from file removal. Even so, it is a handy tool if you want to quickly free up disk space by erasing dupes.

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