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Noiseworks GainAimPro 1.0.2

Noiseworks GainAimPro 1.0.2 | Size: 334.88 MB
Language: English

The new Industry standard audio-plugin to edit voice.
Save hours on voice-editing and focus on the important things. No pressure of tight deadlines and more time being creative.

Edit voice in seconds with max precision
In just a few seconds, GainAimPro’s AI analyzes the voice using ARA
and writes a volume automation based on the settings made.
The automation handles multiple tasks
Gain Riding in LUFS-I
AI – Voice gating
Breath detection
Sibilance detection

Gain Riding with infinite Lookahead
GainAimPro adjusts the loudness to the Target Loudness in LUFS-I. Thanks to the ‘infinite lookahead’ enabled by ARA*, pumping artifacts are prevented. This was a common problem with previous vocal riders.
Additionally, GainAimPro ensures minimal CPU load with 0.0 ms latency, ensuring that your workflow is not disrupted by playback delays at any time.

AI-powered Vox-Gate
The AI-powered Vox-Gate works based on voice activity to remove pauses and silence, eliminating the need to set an additional threshold. This method also prevents the accidental cutting off of the first or last syllable, a common issue with existing gates, due to incorrect gate opening or closing.
To prevent voice bleeding, use the Loudness Cutoff, which functions like a threshold but is specific to voice.

Highly precise breath detection
The AI-powered breath detection is more precise than any other solution on the market. It ensures that every clip has well-leveled breaths, eliminating the need for manual editing.
In the interface waveform, breaths are highlighted in a darker grey, making it easier for you to overview the clip without having to listen to the entire file.

Sibilance detection
The Sibilance feature works as you would expect. It detects and levels sibilance that exceeds the threshold you set.
In GainAimPro’s waveform, sibilance is highlighted in a lighter grey. The overlapping automation provides detailed information about what happens to each sibilance.

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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