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Plugin Alliance Bettermaker BM60 1.0.1

Plugin Alliance Bettermaker BM60 1.0.1 | Size: 58.23 MB
Language: English

Premium quality analog mastering processing with patented digital recall from your DAW. Crafted for professional mastering, mix engineers, and music producers. When you need premium sound quality and convenience of fast and precise recall and automation.

Iconic digital reverb that’s lush, expansive, and rich
Digital reverb is the sound of the 80still reverberating today. From the greatest tracks of Prince, Kate Bush, and Phil Collins to modern classics from John Mayer, Lorde, and Taylor Swift. Bettermaker BM60 is the go-to digital reverb for the modern mixing engineer, faithfully capturing the studio reverb sound of the era, with its warmth and richness, in a plugin that’s fun and easy to usfor you and your CPU.

Coveted 80s reverb algorithm
BM60 is built with the algorithm of digital reverb hardware that’s ubiquitous in hi-end studios. Revered for its warm and lush sound. Get these vintage tones in your DAW with improved audio quality from DSP (Digital Signal Processing).

Quick and versatile reverb options
Get the right room and plate reverb for your tracks with simple and effective controls that make adjusting room size, diffusion, dampening, quick and fun. Sculpt the texture and tone of your reverb without ever losing the warmth and clarity that makes this digital reverb so iconic.

Flavor every track with the 80s studio sound
Bettermaker BM60 is great at adding thickness, color, and atmosphere to individual tracks, especially drums, vocals, and guitars. Its ultra-low CPU usage makes it easy to use it all over your session. A must for anyone into the 80s revival. BM60 adds instant 80s texture to your mix, from subtle flavors to drenched long-tail reverb just asking for a gate.

Expanded features
Go beyond the limits of the original hardware with advanced features, including dynamic room simulation, variable density plate reverb, and a convolution reverb module with a vast library of captured acoustic spaces and presets. Bettermaker BM60 is a warm, clear, and colorful reverb with the perfect mixture of instant vibes and tweakable options.

→ Features:
• Algorithm from iconic 80s digital reverb hardware reborn
• Room and plate reverbs
• Ultra-Low CPU usage for extensive use across multiple tracks without overloading system resources
• Extensive adjustable reverb parameters including, Time, Length, Contour, Bass, Treble, Predelay, Monofier, Width, and Ducker
• Dynamic room simulation
• Variable density plate reverb
• Convolution reverb with a library of captured spaces

Supported Operation System
• macOS 10.14 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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