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Red Giant Universe 2024.3.0 (x64)

Red Giant Universe 2024.3.0 (x64) | Size: 1.86 GB
Language: English

Universe 2024 shines with a new Bokeh plugin that allows you to quickly create beautiful bokeh and mimic camera focus without a complex camera setup. Bokeh Transition, a variant of the plugin, makes it easy to seamlessly transition between two clips with a de-focus effect. Both plugins, plus uni.Blur, are built on the new performance core, which will be expanded to other Universe products in the future.
Universe generators are a fantastic content resource for any video project. They can provide visual filler between your clips, animated backgrounds behind your titles, or even be overlaid atop your videos to create cool effects.
Give your footage authentic retro and modern day looks using tools like VHS, Retrograde Carousel, Glitch, Holomatrix II, and more.
Effortlessly create beautiful text treatments right inside your NLE.
Instantly create seamless transitions between your clips!
View all our utilities including tools for adding blending modes and camera shake.
Working with Universe in Premiere Pro and After Effects has never been easier. The dockable Universe Dashboard brings all of the Universe tools into one place, making it simple to explore and apply the entire library of effects and presets.
A refresh to the Dashboard and preset browsers now provides access to Maxon’s Cloud Capsule Service and adds search capability. Tapping into Maxon’s Cloud Capsule Service offers endless expansion potential to the assets you rely on to get quick, quality results.
Every tool in Universe includes presets to help get you started and give instant professional results.
The new ability to search Universe’s vast collection of tools and presets by name shaves precious time off your workflow.


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