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Stardock Start11 Beta Multilingual

Stardock Start11 Beta Multilingual | Size: 51.38 MB
Language: English

Start11 – the industry’s most advanced start menu. Start11 solves Windows 11’s worst Start menu and taskbar sins.

Make your Start menu a personalized experience.
Choose from several styles from Windows 7 to 11, or our modern adaptation of classic styles.

Personalized to your preferences
Customize your Start menu by adding or removing sections, changing the icon, and moving it to the left or keep it centered.

Customizable from top to bottom
Easily change the colors, transparency, spacing, alignment and more.

Enhance your productivity with unique features.
Bring back features from previous versions of Windows and enable new functionality.

Restore classic functionality
Ungroup your windows and restore the context menu to the taskbar in Windows 11.

Add new functionality
Add links to local and network drives, individual folders, the recycle bin, and more.

Take complete control of your search experience.
Improve your search experience with minimal distractions and better results.

Customize your search experience
With a customized search experience, your most frequently used content appears higher in the results.

Advanced Index Functionality
When paired with the Edge browser, open tabs will also appear in your search contents.

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