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W.A Production KickShaper

W.A Production KickShaper | Size: 12.39 MB
Language: English

Kick drums form the bedrock of most music, but without a robust foundation, a mix can fall apart. We get it. sometimes you’re working with kick samples that just don’t cut the mustard. They might be compressed to death, lacking fundamental frequencies, or just sound wimpy and lifeless. That’s where KickShaper swoops in to save the day.

Whether you’re producing EDM, hip-hop, rock, or any genre under the sun, KickShaper is here to make your kicks punch harder and sound better than ever before. We’ve captured the power of cutting-edge algorithms, painstakingly tested on thousands of kick samples by award-winning audio engineer, Emrah Celik. With KickShaper, you’re not just using a plugin; you’re harnessing the collective knowledge of top-notch sound design wizards.

Kick designer plugin with advanced features
Unique processing modules
Frequency finder
Shape sculpting: Tail, Deboom, Thump & Click
Tone frequency adjustment
Enhancement features
AB comparison & Undo / Redo
Resizable interface
Responsive & CPU friendly
Genre-spanning factory presets
Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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