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Aml,financial Crimes,forensic Accounting

Published 6/2024
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This course teaches about sanctions,SAR,EDD,KYC,transaction monitoring,FIU etc with case studies
What you’ll learn
Anti money laundering
forensic audit
financial crimes
no skills and experience required
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) includes policies, laws, and regulations to prevent criminals’ financial crimes and illegal activity.Companies must comply with these regulations, even though compliance can be complex.Anti-Money Laundering (AML) refers to the collection of laws, law enforcement, processes, and regulations that prevent illegally obtained money from entering the financial system.Because most criminals and terrorists rely significantly on laundered money for their illegal operations, having effective AML procedures in place has broader crime-reducing consequences.Financial institutions are the most prominent users of AML legislation, as they are compelled to report any suspicious behavior to authorities. However, financial institutions are not only obligated to report suspicious behavior.An anti-money laundering compliance program is what a company does to adhere to AML policies and regulations. An AML compliance program is also designed to expose and react to money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud-related risks.While money laundering is an international crime, many rules are local, and they can sometimes conflict with federal policies, making it difficult for financial institutions to remain compliant with rules and regulations. Some banks even decided to suspend services in countries that make it hard to stay compliant or have a reputation for facilitating money laundering
Who this course is for
Students and professionals,financial_crimes,forensic_accounting.part1.rar.html,financial_crimes,forensic_accounting.part2.rar.html,financial_crimes,forensic_accounting.part3.rar.html,financial_crimes,forensic_accounting.part4.rar.html,financial_crimes,forensic_accounting.part5.rar.html,financial_crimes,forensic_accounting.part6.rar.html,financial_crimes,forensic_accounting.part7.rar.html

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