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Arcgis Pro Specialization Basic – 3d And Gis Water – Aulageo

Published 6/2024
Created by AulaGEO Academy
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Geographic Information Systems using ArcGIS Pro

What you’ll learn:
ArcGIS Pro
Geographic Information Systems
Spatial data Analysis
Archydro for ArcGIS Pro
Hydrology tools using ESRI
No requirements
LEVEL I – Learn ArcGIS Pro in a complete projectThe ArcGIS platform is an integrated system of software and applications with which the user can enter, collect, compile, organize, analyze, and share spatial data or any information that has geographic content related to a project or area. In this course, we will start from the most basic part of the system, how to locate the data, download it, install it, and have an activated account that allows its use for a 21-day trial period.Then, we will walk through the interface to see how customizable the software is and how to adapt it to our needs. We will highlight the basic functionalities of ArcGIS Pro, such as georeferencing, the use of vector data, data geoprocessing, or attribute table management. #AulaGEO Reference is also made to raster data such as satellite data management (Landsat 8 image) or the creation of elevation models. This course requires basic notions of cartography since exercises associated with location data will be performed. If you are starting in the GIS world, this course is for you, little by little we will be updating ArcGIS Pro functionalities.LEVEL II – ArcGIS Pro – 3D Modeling using ArcGIS 10 and ArcGIS ProThis is a course for third-dimensional geospatial analysis enthusiasts.ArcGIS is one of the most used platforms worldwide for managing GIS data. This course, will explore 3D functions for handling, analyzing, editing data, and interacting with BIM infrastructure modeling data. Already the maps are not only displayed in 2D, there is a need to see beyond, and even the relationship of structures or phenomena with their environment. 3D data modeling allows a better appreciation of what is happening or how to improve the spaces further, it provides a comprehensive and visually understandable analysis for everyoneIf you know the operation and handling of 2D GIS data in ArcGIS, this course will help you delve into 3D data modeling and use the most suitable tools to build efficient projects.We must emphasize that to get the most out of this course, we recommend you check out our ArcGIS Pro Basic and Advanced #AulaGEO courses, as this one focuses on 3D content. For ease of use, some lessons show how ArcGIS 10 works since managing data is much easier than with ArcGIS Pro.LEVEL III – ArcHydro for Watershed ManagementWatershed management is one of the most interesting applications of spatial analysis using geographic information systems.For ArcGIS Pro users, this course provides an extension of your knowledge applied to hydrology. For this, it is as important to understand the use of the tools (ArcHydro toolbox) as the basin theory and the workflow for its modeling.Some parts are done using normal ArcGIS Pro tools, such as raster functions and spatial analysis, with specific application to a work area where it is expected to delineate watersheds, microwatersheds, and river axes. However, other specific parts are made with the toolkit that comes with ArcHydro. The course teaches how to install ArcHydro and of course how to use the tools for your chosen workflow.
Who this course is for:
GIS users
Geographic Information Systems Users
Cadastral Engineers
Geographic Information Enthusiasts

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