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Automotive Hil Testing-Hardware In Loop Concept From Scratch

Published 7/2024
Created by AutoRonics Services
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HIL, VT system, Vector cards(VT7001, 2516, 2004), V Test studio, ABS HIL, V Cycle , CANoe panel, PWM, VIL, ABS sensors

What you’ll learn:
Automotive developer and tester to get informative detail about model in loop, hardware in loop
Vector Hardware in loop from scratch
Rich level information regarding how to set up hardware in loop with Automotive ECU
Test methods and Automation using VTStudio
Important players in the Automotive industry for HiL
create the HiL – Use case of Antilock braking system
Anti lock braking system[ABS] – Electrical system circuit
Wheel speed sensor, Brake pedal switch Circuit,Brake fluid switch
Vector VT System cards – and GUI via CANoe
VT7001 – Power supply card – walkthrough
Handling Wheel speed information via VT2516
VT System – Chassis walkthrough
Final view of HiL and real harness
Overview of VTestStudio, Automation using VTeststudio
VT 2516 – Digital Signal card walkthrough
HiL – Other components and Re-Configuration
HiL components utilization and re-configuration
Vehicle in Loop – ViL Overview
Basic Idea of Automotive Electronics, Overview of Automotive ECU’s
Unlock the world of Automotive Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) Testing with our comprehensive course designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals. This in-depth course covers the foundational concepts and advanced techniques needed to master HIL testing from scratch. Learn how to integrate and validate automotive systems, simulate real-world driving conditions, troubleshoot complex issues, and ensure the highest levels of reliability and safety for vehicle systems.Throughout the course, you’ll dive into the intricacies of HIL testing, exploring the latest tools and technologies that drive this essential field, all while receiving expert guidance from seasoned professionals. You’ll develop a strong understanding of how to create accurate simulations, manage hardware-software interfaces, and apply best practices to ensure robust system performance. You’ll explore a variety of automotive systems, including ABS understanding how HIL testing is used to validate each one. Learn how to design and implement test setups, configure vector based HIL systems, and use simulation models to test different scenarios and edge cases.By the end of this course, you’ll be proficient in HIL testing, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the automotive industry. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or deepen your expertise, this course will provide you with the tools and insights to succeed. Join us and take the first step towards mastering Automotive HIL Testing from scratch, becoming a key player in the development and validation of cutting-edge vehicle technologies.This training covers the following objectives:Section 1:Introduction – Will provide an introduction to HIL Section 2:Automotive Software Life Cycle and Emerging ASPICE process – what is Software lifecycle in Automotive – ASPICE overview Section 3:A Closer look of V Model and mapping of testing concept – V model and where testing scope Section 4:Why Testing needed in Automotive- Test concepts of Automotive and needed of an ECO systemSection 5:Automotive ECO System for E\ESection 6:Hardware in Loop in Automotive – What is HiL – Basic Elements of HiL – Understand the HiL Need and Testing Type – Input and Output (I/O) – Device under Test[DUT], Gui, process, AutomationSection 7:Market Players in HiL – Important market players in HILSection 8:Lets create the HiL – Use case of Antilock braking system-Anti lock braking system[ABS] – Electrical system circuit-Various Scope of the HiL – using ABS-ABS – ECU – A deeper look of components-ABS – Wiring and signals-ABS – Harness and pin details-Brake pedal switch Circuit-Brake fluid switch-Wheel speed sensor-Conceptual ABS – HiL-HiL – Power supply handing-Vector VT System cards – and GUI via CANoe, VT7001 – Power supply card – walkthrough, Automation of Power supply – Non VT-Handling Wheel speed information via VT2516-VT2004A – Analog Inputs handling-VT System – Chassis walkthrough-Additional VT Cards – General information-Final view of HiL and real harness-Automation using VTeststudio-Overview of VTestStudio-VT 2516 – Digital Signal card walkthrough-A sample test case in VTstudioSection 10:HiL – Other components and Re-ConfigurationSection 11Vehicle in Loop – ViL Overview
Who this course is for:
Beginner in Automotive testing and development

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