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Azure Data Engineering With Hands-On Labs

Published 6/2024
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on cloud ETL using Azure Data engineer
What you’ll learn
You will learn how to build a major uese case real-world data pipeline in Azure Data Factory (ADF).
You will learn how to load transformation data from Azure Data Storage to Azure SQL Database using Azure Data Factory (ADF)
You will learn how to ingest data from sources such as HTTP and Azure Blob Storage using Azure Data Factory (ADF)
You will acquire good Data Engineering skills in Azure using ADF and Data flows transformations
An Azure Account is required, it is easy to create.
Experience in Azure is not required, I will take you through everything necessary to learn this course and build the project
Basic understanding about cloud computing will be useful, but not mandatory.
Unleash the Power of Azure Data Engineering: Pipelines & Dataflows for Real-World SolutionsBecome a highly sought-after Azure Data Engineer by mastering data pipelines and dataflows to build scalable and efficient data solutions in the cloud.This comprehensive course equips you with the skills and knowledge to design, develop, and deploy robust data pipelines on Microsoft Azure. We’ll delve into both Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipelines and Azure Data Flows to empower you to handle various data transformations and integrations seamlessly.Here’s what you’ll gain:Solid Foundation: Grasp core concepts of data engineering, cloud data platforms, and the Azure ecosystem.Master Azure Data Factory (ADF): Explore ADF’s functionalities for constructing data pipelines, orchestrating data movement, and triggering workflows.Hands-on Dataflow Expertise: Learn to leverage dataflows, a powerful visual tool within ADF, for intuitive data transformations.Data Transformation Powerhouse: Discover a wide range of data transformation techniques using data flows to cleanse, manipulate, and prepare your data.Real-World Use Cases: Apply your newfound skills to build practical data pipelines for common scenarios. This course is ideal for:Aspiring and Junior Data Engineers seeking to specialize in Azure Data Engineering.Data Analysts wanting to upskill in building data pipelines for their analysis tasks.IT Professionals looking to transition into a cloud-based data engineering role.Anyone interested in leveraging Azure data services for efficient data management.By the end of this course, you’ll be confident in building and deploying robust data pipelines using Azure Data Factory and Dataflows, propelling your career as a data engineer in the thriving cloud computing landscape.Enroll now and unlock the potential of Azure Data Engineering!
Who this course is for
IT developers working on other disciplines trying to move to Data Engineering
University students looking for a career in Data Engineering
ETL developer , Data science, Datawarehouse developers needs to up-skill in Azure data engineer

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