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Born Liars Why We Can’t Live Without Deceit by Ian Leslie

Born Liars Why We Can’t Live Without Deceit by Ian Leslie | 502.34 KB
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Title: Born Liars
Author: Ian Leslie

Learn the truth about lying with this engaging look at how deception gives us a survival edge and shapes humankind.
Lying is an intrinsic part of our social fabric, but it is also a deeply problematic and misunderstood aspect of what makes us human. Ian Leslie takes us on a fascinating journey that makes us question not only our own relationship to the truth, but also virtually every daily encounter we have. On the way he dissects the history of the lie detector, how parents affect their children’s attitude to lying (and vice versa), Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, the philosophical ambiguity of telling the truth, Bill Clinton’s presentational prowess, Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, and why we should be wary of anyone with more than 150 Facebook friends. Born Liars is thought-provoking, anecdotally driven narrative nonfiction at its best. Ian Leslie’s intoxicating blend of anthropology, biology, cultural history, philosophy…


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