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Chatgpt, Canva & Ai Ui ux To Design Ecommerce Landing Page

Published 6/2024
Created by Passive Income Gen Z
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 7 Lectures ( 2h 13m ) | Size: 1.67 GB

Master Web Design with ChatGP, DALLE3: Create Stunning Templates, Monetize on Canva, E-Commerce Landing Page Design

What you’ll learn:
ChatGPT Wireframing: Use ChatGPT to create precise wireframes for e-commerce landing pages.
Design Transformation: Convert wireframes into stunning, high-conversion designs using ChatGPT.
Leonardo AI Enhancements: Integrate sophisticated design elements with Leonardo AI to elevate your templates.
Canva Mastery: Assemble your landing page templates in Canva and optimize them for professional use.
Monetization Strategies: Learn how to sell your designs on the Canva marketplace and earn royalties.
AI Tools Proficiency: Gain hands-on experience with AI-driven design tools to boost your creative skills.
Market-Ready Designs: Create practical, marketable templates tailored specifically for the shoe industry.
Efficiency Boost: Increase your design efficiency and productivity with advanced AI techniques.
ChatGPT Plus
Unlock Your Potential: Create Stunning E-Commerce Landing Pages with AI!Welcome to the future of web design! Our comprehensive course, Create Stunning E-Commerce Landing Pages for Shoes with AI, is tailored for aspiring web designers eager to break into the industry without the need for Figma. This course will revolutionize the way you design, offering a step-by-step guide to using powerful tools like ChatGPT, Leonardo AI, and Canva.What You’ll Learn:Wireframing with ChatGPT: Discover how to utilize ChatGPT to draw precise wireframes for your landing page. Visualize your layout effortlessly!Design Transformation: Turn your wireframes into stunning designs with ChatGPT. Learn to create every section of your landing page to ensure high conversions.Creative Mastery with Leonardo AI: Enhance your designs and add sophisticated elements using Leonardo AI, pushing your creativity to new heights.Professional Templates in Canva: Use Canva to compile your design elements into a cohesive, beautiful landing page template. Explore how to place your designs in the Canva marketplace and earn royalties each time someone uses your template.Why This Course?Comprehensive & Practical: No need for Figma! Our course equips you with all the knowledge and tools to create professional, market-ready website templates.Monetization Opportunities: Learn how to monetize your designs by selling them on Canva Marketplace, opening up vast opportunities for additional income.Boost Your Skills: Adding AI-powered design skills to your repertoire is a game-changer, setting you apart in a competitive market.Course Highlights:User-Friendly Approach: Step-by-step instructions make this course accessible for beginners.Real-World Applications: Create practical, marketable e-commerce landing pages specifically tailored for the shoe industry.Enhanced Creativity: Leverage AI tools to push your creative boundaries and design like a pro.Statistics Show:87% of web designers using AI tools report a significant increase in design efficiency.72% of e-commerce websites with optimized landing pages see a notable boost in conversion rates.Don’t Miss Out!Adding this course to your skillset not only enhances your design capabilities but also opens up a new revenue stream. Imagine earning royalties every time your template is used!Enroll Now and Skyrocket Your Web Design Career!This is your chance to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of web design. Harness the power of AI, create stunning e-commerce landing pages, and start earning from your designs today.Add to Cart and begin your journey towards becoming a sought-after web designer!
Who this course is for:
Aspiring web designers
E-commerce entrepreneurs
AI enthusiasts
Canva users
Template creators
Digital marketers
Shoe industry designers,_Canva_&_AI_UIUX_to_Design_Ecommerce_Landing_Page.part1.rar.html,_Canva_&_AI_UIUX_to_Design_Ecommerce_Landing_Page.part2.rar.html

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