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Csforward Introduction To Computer Science And Modern Tech

Published 7/2024
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Introduction to Computer Science, Data Storage, Number Systems, and Modern Technology
What you’ll learn
Learn the fundamentals behind computer science
Learn how computational analytics has developed over time
Understand the difference between Web 1.0 and 2.0
Think like a computer programmer
Learn the difference between frontend, backend, and full stack software development
Learn the importance of mobile and responsive web design
No programming experience needed.
Delve into the fascinating world of computer science with, CSForward, a comprehensive online course designed for beginners. This course offers a rich exploration of the field’s history, from the pioneering days to modern advancements, providing a contextual foundation that will provide a strong foundation for future learning.The course introduces numbers systems including binary (base 2) that form the bedrock of computing. You’ll gain a solid understanding of these concepts, essential for grasping how computers process information. Moving forward, we explore the evolution of the web, distinguishing between the static pages of Web 1.0 and the dynamic, user-centric Web 2.0, highlighting advancements that like AJAX (used in Google Search Suggest) and mobile & responsive design (mobile sites and apps look great on all your devices) led to the rise of social media.Programming languages are demystified as we compare interpreted (Python, PHP) and compiled (Java, C/C++) languages, offering insights into their respective advantages and use cases. The course emphasizes the importance of thinking like a programmer, fostering problem-solving skills and logical reasoning.A critical component of the course is Big "O" notation, where we unpack time complexity, equipping you with the tools to analyze and optimize code performance. Finally, we delineate the roles of frontend, backend, and full stack development, clarifying the skills and responsibilities associated with each, and guiding you towards potential career paths.
Who this course is for
Individuals curious to know more about the basics of computer science
Students seeking to better understand modern technology

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