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Eze E Web Development on Netlify Proven strategies 2024

Eze E Web Development on Netlify Proven strategies 2024 | 16.99 MB
187 Pages

Title: Web Development on Netlify: Proven strategies for building, deploying, and hosting modern web applications
Author: Ekene Eze

Written by a former member of Netlify’s Developer Experience team, Web Development on Netlify is the ultimate companion for anyone looking to build, deploy, optimize, and scale frontend web applications on the platform. From setting up your account, and configuring settings and options, to deploying and optimizing web applications, this book offers comprehensive guidance through Netlify’s extensive capabilities, supported by step-by-step instructions and real-world examples.
Focused on best practices and scalability, this invaluable resource is for both beginners and experienced developers, covering essential aspects such as performance optimization, A/B testing, webhooks, continuous deployment, and scaling considerations. Whether you want to get started with Netlify or expand your knowledge of the platform, this book has everything you need to take your web applications to the next level. Ekene’s clear and concise style makes it easy to understand even for readers with little to no Netlify experience.
By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped with the expertise to revolutionize your workflow and take your web projects to new heights with Netlify, adhering to industry best practices every step of the way.


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