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Food Safety Managers Certification ( Prep- Course )

Published 6/2024
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Preparation Course for your Food Safety Certification Exam
What you’ll learn
Preventing Contamination and Cross Contamination
Ensuring Personal Hygiene and Employee Health
Actively Managing Controls in a Food Establishment
Monitoring the Flow of Foods
Ensuring Product Time and Temperature
Conducting Cleaning and Sanitizing
Managing the Physical Facility Design and Maintenance
Preventing and Controlling Pests (insects/rodents)
Proper Handling of foodborne illness outbreaks
Proper implementation of food safety practices
Basic food hygiene course / Supervisory Level food hygiene courses
Course Description: Food Safety Management Certification PreparationCourse OverviewElevate your career in the food industry with our comprehensive Food Safety Management Certification Preparation Course. Designed for aspiring food safety managers, this course provides the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to ensure food safety in any food service operation. With a focus on current industry standards and regulatory requirements, this course prepares you to excel in food safety management and achieve certification.What You Will LearnFoundations of Food Safety: Understand the fundamental principles of food safety, including the causes and prevention of foodborne illnesses.Personal Hygiene Practices: Learn best practices for personal hygiene to prevent contamination and ensure a safe food-handling environment.Safe Food Handling Techniques: Master the techniques for receiving, storing, preparing, and serving food safely, emphasizing temperature control and cross-contamination prevention.Effective Cleaning and Sanitizing: Discover effective methods for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and surfaces, ensuring a hygienic kitchen environment.Food Storage and Temperature Control: Gain knowledge on proper food storage techniques, including labeling, rotating stock, and maintaining appropriate storage temperatures.Cooking and Reheating Guidelines: Learn the correct temperatures for cooking and reheating different types of food to prevent foodborne illnesses.Pest Control Strategies: Identify common pests and implement effective control measures to maintain a pest-free environment.Food Allergy Management: Understand how to manage food allergens and prevent cross-contact, ensuring the safety of customers with food allergies.HACCP Implementation: Get an introduction to HACCP principles, including how to identify critical control points and develop a HACCP plan.Legal and Ethical Responsibilities: Familiarize yourself with food safety laws and regulations, and learn the ethical responsibilities of food safety management.Emergency Procedures and Crisis Management: Prepare for food safety emergencies, including handling food recalls, power outages, and contamination incidents.Continuous Improvement in Food Safety: Learn how to monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve food safety practices within your organization.Why Enroll?Expert Instruction: Learn from industry experts with extensive experience in food safety management.Certification Preparation: Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to pass the food safety management certification exam.Flexible Learning: Access course materials online at your convenience, allowing you to study at your own pace.Practical Skills: Acquire practical, real-world skills that can be immediately applied in your workplace.Career Advancement: Enhance your professional credentials and increase your opportunities for advancement in the food industry.Who Should Enroll?Aspiring food safety managersCurrent food service professionals seeking certificationQuality assurance and control personnelRestaurant and catering managersHealth and safety officersAnyone interested in improving food safety knowledge and practicesJoin our Food Safety Management Certification Preparation Course today and take the first step towards ensuring food safety excellence in your organization! Enroll now to secure your spot and start your journey towards becoming a certified food safety manager.
Who this course is for
Head Chefs / Food Safety Managers / Sous Chefs / Ex. chefs / Food & beverage professionals / F&B Managers / any other interested audiences

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