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How You Were Born by Kate Cayley

How You Were Born by Kate Cayley | 1.7 MB
232 Pages

Title: How You Were Born
Author: Kate Cayley

First published in 2014, this tenth-anniversary edition of the award-winning collection includes three new stories.A young mother intrudes in the life of an older woman, thinking she knows what’s best. An academic becomes convinced that he is haunted by his double. Two children spy on their supposedly criminal neighbours. A man enables his cousin’s predatory impulses out of loyalty, and a circus performer dreams of a perfect wedding. These characters fail despite their best intentions and continue on despite their failures.The stories in How You Were Born, each more incisive and devastating than the last, examine the difficult business of love, loyalty, and memory. Sharing the bizarre and tragi-comic of life- whether in present-day Toronto or in small towns of the early 20th century- Cayley champions the importance of connections, even when missed or mislaid, and the possibility of redemption.


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