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Kofler M Scripting Automation with Bash, PowerShell, and Python 2024 PDF Fix

Kofler M Scripting Automation with Bash, PowerShell, and Python 2024 PDF Fix | 6.01 MB
795 Pages

Title: Scripting
Author: Kofler, Michael;

Developers and admins, it’s time to simplify your workday. With this practical guide, use scripting to solve tedious IT problems with less effort and less code! Learn about popular scripting languages: Bash, PowerShell, and Python. Master important techniques such as working with Linux, cmdlets, regular expressions, JSON, SSH, Git, and more. Use scripts to automate different scenarios, from backups and image processing to virtual machine management. Discover what’s possible with only 10 lines of code!

In this book, you’ll learn about:

a. Scripting Languages
Beginners, get the crash course you need in Bash (and its alternative, Zsh), PowerShell, and Python syntax to perform scripting tasks.

b. Scripting Techniques
Learn to write successful scripts by following expert guidance and practical examples. Use commands for processing text files, functions for handling JSON and XML files, cron for automating script execution, SSH for running code, and more.

c. Scripting Examples
See scripting in action! Walk through concrete applications of scripting: data backup, image processing, web scraping, REST APIs, database maintenance, cloud scenarios, and virtual machine administration.

Highlights include:

1) Bash and Zsh
2) Linux toolbox
3) PowerShell and CmdLets
4) Python and pip
5) JSON, XML, and INI
6) SSH, VS Code, and Git
7) Automation with cron
8) Backup automation
9) Image processing
10) Web scraping
11) Cloud scripting
12) Virtual machines


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