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Lagerstrom P Fluid Mechanics and Singular Perturbations 1967

Lagerstrom P Fluid Mechanics and Singular Perturbations 1967 | 19.61 MB
N/A | 374 Pages

Title: Fluid Mechanics and Singular Perturbations
Author: 4<8=8AB@0B>@
Year: N/A

Fluid Mechanics and Singular Perturbations: A Collection of Papers by Saul Kaplun focuses on the works and contributions of Saul Kaplun to the studies of fluid mechanics and singular perturbations. The book first discusses the role of coordinate system in boundary-layer theory. Boundary-layer approximations as limits of exact solutions; comparison of different boundary-layer solutions; and comparison with exact solution and choice of optimal are discussed. The text also looks at asymptotic experiment of Navier-Stokes solution for small Reynolds numbers; basic concepts in the theory of singular perturbations and their applications to flow at small Reynolds numbers; and low Reynolds number flow. The book discusses as well a generalization of Poiseuille and Couette flows and nature of solutions of the boundary-layer equations. Numerical solutions and analyses are presented. The text also looks at compatibility condition for boundary layer equation at a point of zero skin friction. Intuitive background; the past-like solution and its principal asymptotic expansions; and class of compatible profiles are discussed. The book is a valuable source of information for readers who want to study fluid mechanics.


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