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Langille A A Gamer’s Introduction to Programming in C# 2025

Langille A A Gamer’s Introduction to Programming in C# 2025 | 13.15 MB
343 Pages

Title: A Gamer’s Introduction to Programming in C#; Welcome Brave Adventurer !
Author: Aaron Langille

The first in an ongoing series designed to take readers from zero experience to writing their own video games and interactive digital experiences using industry standard languages and tools, this book is a great way to turn a love of video games into a new love of programming. It teaches the coding ins-and-outs of how we keep track of high scores, what video game heroes and loot boxes are made of, how the dreaded RNG or, random number generation works, and much, much more.
But coding books are technical, boring, and scary, aren’t they? Not this one. Within these pages readers will find a fun and approachable adventure that will introduce them to the essential programming fundamentals like variables, computer-based math operations, random number generation, logic structures including if-statements and loops, and even some object-oriented programming. Using Visual Studio and C#, readers will write simple, but effective console programs and text-based games that will gradually build up their coding skills and confidence.

Packed with practical examples and plain-language explanations, this book is structured like a video game, complete with levels to progress through, bonus levels for extra practice, cutscenes that offer breaks from coding, and end-of-level code rewards to illustrate how everything fits together.
Engaging and concise, this book is appealing to both a general readership as well as course convenors and students of programming. Put on a cap of +5 courage and level up by joining the coding adventure that awaits inside!


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