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Luqman M Wind Energy Storage and Conversion From Basics to Utilities 2024

Luqman M Wind Energy Storage and Conversion From Basics to Utilities 2024 | 21.44 MB
271 Pages

Title: Wind Energy Storage and Conversion
Author: Inamuddin, Tariq Altalhi and Mohammad Luqman

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the benefits and developments of wind energy, including energy storage and conversion methods, making it a must-read for those interested in sustainable energy. By going through this book, one can learn more about the usefulness of adopting renewable energies, particularly in light of the widespread use of wind-based devices. Here, we present an in-depth presentation of several developments in wind technological systems, focusing on applications and operational approaches.
With the depletion of fossil fuel-based energy resources, the development of alternative sources of energy is becoming extremely crucial. Meanwhile, the planet is on the brink of an energy disaster due to the rapidly rising global need for energy. Additionally, the widespread usage of fossil fuel-based energy resources is aggravating global warming and harming the environment. However, there are reliable and eco-friendly substitutes to fossil fuels, for example wind and many other sustainable energies. Considering its low operational costs and easy accessibility, wind is among the most cost-effective and efficient renewable energies. With the increased use of wind energy, the need for storage has become critical. In addition to various storage procedures, fuel cells and batteries are two primary sources of compensation for RE systems. The wind technological system is on the cusp of development, but numerous improvements are required to make this technology overall cost-efficient. In this book, various energy storage and conversion methods for wind power applications are explored.
Additionally, this work covers the costs associated with electrical output in wind-powered power plants as well as the financial and environmental plans that describe the installation of wind technology systems.


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