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Nidheesh P Advanced Materials for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment 2025

Nidheesh P Advanced Materials for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment 2025 | 11.94 MB
351 Pages

Title: Advanced Materials for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment
Author: P.V. Nidheesh

Effluents generating from the pharmaceutical industry contain organic and inorganic contaminants that create potential threats to human health and the environment. Pharmaceuticals cannot be effectively removed by conventional wastewater treatment plants owing to the complex composition, high concentration of organic contaminants, high salinity, and biological toxicity of pharmaceutical wastewater. This book provides an overview of the production and environmental impacts of pharmaceutical compounds and their advanced treatment methods, with a focus on advanced materials used for removing pharmaceutical contaminants from wastewater. • Provides an overview of the current state of advanced research and applications of materials for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment.
• Discusses various adsorbents, photocatalysts, and electrodes, with a special focus on carbon materials.
• Covers advanced material synthesis and fabrication.
• Features case studies and chapters that are fully application-oriented.
The book is essential reading for researchers and practitioners in materials science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, chemical engineering, and water treatment who are seeking to develop and implement advanced technologies for waste minimization and mitigation.


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