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Nwaiwu I Automating API Delivery APIOps with OpenAPI 2024

Nwaiwu I Automating API Delivery APIOps with OpenAPI 2024 | 19.16 MB
909 Pages

Title: Automating API Delivery (for I I)
Author: Ikenna Nwaiwu<br><i>Foreword by Melissa van der Hecht</i>

Improve speed, quality, AND cost by automating your API delivery process!

Automating API Delivery shows you how to strike the perfect balance between speed and usability by applying DevOps automation principles to your API design and delivery process. It lays out a clear path to making both the organizational and technical changes you need to deliver high-quality APIs both rapidly and reliably.

In Automating API Delivery you’ll learn how to:

  • Enforce API design standards with linting
  • Automate breaking-change checks to control design creep
  • Ensure accuracy of API reference documents
  • Centralize API definition consistency checks
  • Automate API configuration deployment
  • Conduct effective API design reviews

Author Ikenna Nwaiwu provides comprehensive guidance on implementing APIOps in your organization. He carefully walks through the technical steps and introduces the essential open-source tools, with practical advice and insights from his years of experience. You’ll benefit from his personal tips for avoiding common pitfalls and challenges of moving to automated API delivery.

Foreword by Melissa van der Hecht.

About the technology

Create high quality, consistent, and fast-to-market APIs by automating the development process! This innovative book shows you how to apply established Continuous Delivery and DevOps principles along the whole API lifecycle, transforming a collection of individual tasks into a smooth, manageable pipeline that supports automated testing, iterative improvement, and reliable documentation.

About the book

Automating API Delivery introduces the tools and strategies behind APIOps. You’ll discover tools and process improvements that give you important quick wins, including API governance using the Spectral API linter and establishing an efficient CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions. You’ll even discover how to use the powerful OpenAPI Generator to automatically create client and server code from your API definitions.

What’s inside

  • Check for breaking changes with oasdiff
  • Create SDKs using OpenAPI Generator
  • Maintain accurate documentation with API conformance tests
  • Deploy API gateway configuration with GitOps

About the reader

Experience building RESTful APIs required.

About the author

Ikenna Nwaiwu is Principal Consultant at Ikenna Consulting, specializing in automating API governance.

The technical editor on this book was Marjukka Niinioja.

Table of Contents

1 What is APIOps?
2 Leaning into APIOps: Problem-solving and leading improvements
3 API linting: Automating API consistency
4 Breaking change checks: Managing API evolution
5 API design review: Checking for what you cannot automate
6 API conformance: Generating code and API definitions
7 API conformance: Schema testing
8 CI/CD for API artifacts 1: Source-stage governance controls
9 CI/CD for API artifacts 2: Build-stage and API configuration deployment
10 More on API consistency: Custom linting and security checks
11 Monitoring and analytics: Measuring API product metrics
A Value stream mapping icons
B Installing API linting and OpenAPI diff tools
C Introduction to JSON Pointer
D Tools for API conformance and analytics
E Docker and Kubernetes


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