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Quoz A Financial Thriller by Mel Mattison

Quoz A Financial Thriller by Mel Mattison | 3.82 MB
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Title: Quoz
Author: Mel Mattison
Year: 2024

"As governments around the world seek to exert tyrannical control over currency, Quoz serves as a cautionary tale for what lies ahead. You’ve been warned." -Trey Radel, Former Member of United States Congress
It’s 2027. The AI revolution has merged with quantum computing to take control of global financial markets. Operated by the mysterious Bank for International Settlements based in Basel, Switzerland, the quantum supercomputer known as ICARUS has promised the world a more stable economy, devoid of bank failures and volatile share prices. And it has delivered…until now.
Rory O’Connor is the financial genius who helped create ICARUS, but after the tragic death of his best friend, he’s checked out of high finance and into a luxury Caribbean condo, trading cryptocurrencies on the shores of San Juan.
When the stock market starts manifesting erratic behavior, what begins as a favor drags Rory into a dangerous labyrinth of deceit and international…


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