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Sea of Broken Glass by Jenna Pine

Sea of Broken Glass by Jenna Pine | 648.17 KB
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Title: Sea of Broken Glass
Author: Jenna Pine

Banished from their small, floating village for forbidden magic, can two sisters work together before the harsh crystalline wilderness kills them-or they kill each other?
Elodie-desperate to become the village’s next priestess-hopes to atone for their mother’s magical destruction, still haunting her family after twenty years. Loxy, her younger sister, wants nothing more than to find their mother, banished long ago for the same magic Loxy now hides. Though they are bound by blood, the sisters live in constant contention, always arguing about Loxy’s magic and the danger it poses to their lives in the village.
But when a meteor shower full of divine power grants Elodie magic of her own and gives Loxy new power, the two are cast out of their isolated, floating village, just like their mother before them, and into the crystalline wilderness full of dangerous beasts, deadly landscapes, and vicious people. They are…


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