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Singer P , Rosen R The Oxford Handbook of Galen 2024

Singer P , Rosen R The Oxford Handbook of Galen 2024 | 52.31 MB
761 Pages

Title: The Oxford Handbook of Galen
Author: P. N. Singer;Ralph M. Rosen;

The Oxford Handbook of Galen provides a comprehensive overview of the life, work, and legacy of Galen (129–c. 216 CE), arguably the most important medical figure of the Graeco-Roman world. It contains essays by thirty leading experts on Galen’s life and background, his medical theories, his therapeutic and clinical practices, and his philosophical contributions in the areas of logic, epistemology, causation, scientific method, and ethics. The authors offer accessible, but thorough and detailed, analyses of all major areas of Galen’s thought, considered in their original historical context, as well as of the most important pathways of the transmission of his texts and his intellectual legacy, from late antiquity to early modern times and from western Europe to Tibet and China.


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