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Song of Shadow and Light, Orchestra of Divinity (01) by K M Woods

Song of Shadow and Light, Orchestra of Divinity (01) by K M Woods | 3.87 MB
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Title: Song of Shadow and Light
Author: K.M. Woods
Year: N/A

"We all break our rules for someone…"
Emelia, a seemingly human girl just at the peak of twenty was content with living her human life, despite the kaffir parents and friends she had around her. Emelia enjoyed the bliss that her hospital job brought her and even appreciated the occasional days her friends dragged her to the endless parties in Eros. She hadn’t realized that it all would change with a prick of her finger at the bloodline ceremony or that she would have a goddess talking to her in her head.
After finding out that everything in her life had been a lie, a series of attacks lay out in Eros, directed towards the royal families. With her new found responsibility, Emelia seeks out to investigate and find out who is behind these attacks with the help of Kaius Demontae and her other close comrades.
When Emelia gets close to uncovering the truth, she is wrapped into more confusion and lies.
Emelia discovers herself, her mind, her body, and her power. Her…


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