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Tales From The Dark Past, Books 01-03 by Helen Susan Swift

Tales From The Dark Past, Books 01-03 by Helen Susan Swift | 1.14 MB
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Title: Tales From The Dark Past – Books 1-3
Author: Helen Susan Swift
Year: N/A

The first three books in Helen Susan Swift’s series of historical horror novels, ‘Tales From The Dark Past’, now available in one volume!
Dark Voyage: It’s 1914, and fear and paranoia rule the high seas. Iain Cosgrove sets sail abroad Lady Balgay, last of Dundee’s once-grand sealing fleet. Fueled by rum and the tales of John Pratt, the crew obsess over ancient superstitions; ones Iain casually dismisses as simple lore. until they reach the frigid Artic seas. Soon, Iain’s beliefs are shaken when the ship discovers two castaways, and events take a sinister turn.
Dark Mountain: In the West Highlands of Scotland, few years after the end of World War One, Brenda and her friends are preparing for an expedition of a lifetime: climbing An Cailleach, also known as The Witch. But even before they reach the base of the mountain, they realize that something is wrong. Strange apparitions, even stranger locals and ancient superstitions are all signs that they are on a dangerous path. What evil lurks in the depths of the dark mountain?
Dark Capital: Edinburgh, 1820s. On one side is the Old Town; ancient, crumbling and full of poverty. On the other is the New Town – elegant, refined and prosperous. When newly qualified Doctor Martin Elliot arrives, he discovers that there is more darkness in the streets than he could have imagined. Ghosts of the long-dead haunt the houses, and nightmares soon fill Martin’s head. Only a relic of the past seems to give Martin respite, but can be balance its power with the burden that comes with it?


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