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The Everything Token by Steve Kaczynski

The Everything Token by Steve Kaczynski | 3.36 MB
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Title: The Everything Token
Author: Steve Kaczynski, Scott Duke Kominers
Year: 2024

A Harvard Business School professor and a16z crypto research partner and a career marketer and Web3 entrepreneur demystify the coming digital revolution, showing how NFTs will transform our online and offline interactions.
NFTs aren’t just pictures on the internet, or a fad that has come and gone. Rather, they’re a new technology for creating digital assets and providing irrefutable proof of ownership. NFTs open up markets that have never before existed, and are already revolutionizing commerce and brand-building at everything from hot startups to Fortune 500 companies.
Kominers and Kaczynski have created a framework that explains what NFTs are, why they’re valuable, and how businesses can leverage them to build highly engaged and intensely loyal communities around their products and brands.
Through original research and industry experience, Kominers and Kaczynski describe the possibilities of this new digital frontier with clarity and rigor….


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