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The Old Wheel by Gregory Ashe

The Old Wheel by Gregory Ashe | 982.22 KB
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Title: The Old Wheel (The Adventures of Holloway Holmes Book 2)
Author: Gregory Ashe
Year: 2023

Blackmail. Breakups. Boys. Trouble always comes in threes.
Life is different for Jack Moreno. Good. Definitely good. Well, better, anyway.
He’s back in school (although classes are harder than he expected). And his dad is healthy (which means he’s worrying again about things like Jack’s curfew and, oh yeah, grades). And he’s got a great girlfriend (who might, justifiably, be running out of patience with him). And Holloway Holmes is his friend (even though it’s the kind of friendship that leaves Jack wanting more). So, life is good. Better. Definitely.
Except when it comes to money. With his dad still struggling to pay a mountain of medical bills, Jack jumps at the opportunity to make some extra cash. After all, helping a fellow student deal with blackmail isn’t exactly new-just a few months before, Jack handled a couple of blackmailers on campus. With the help of Holmes, of course.
Only something is different this time. Something Jack can’t put his finger on, something that makes him suspect the blackmail is just a cover for something much more serious. And when one of the blackmailers is murdered and Holmes becomes the prime suspect, Jack and Holmes will have to race to figure out what they’ve missed. Before it’s too late for both of them.


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