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The Surgeon by Karl Hill

The Surgeon by Karl Hill | 1.48 MB
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Title: The Surgeon
Author: Karl Hill
Year: 2023

Could a piece of paper in a law firm basement be the key to a serial killer’s identity? A tale of trauma and terror by the author of the Adam Black thrillers.
Five years ago, Jonathan Stark was working as a lawyer when a massacre took place, leaving most of his coworkers dead and Jonathan in a coma for eight weeks.
Now, he’s found a job as a legal trainee at a different firm, and a relationship with an attorney named Jenny. He spends much of his time in the basement cataloguing old files-where he comes across the death certificate of a woman. The document triggers a nightmare and eventually, a sudden memory. Soon, Stark begins working closely with DCI McGuigan, who’s been hunting an elusive serial killer known as “the Surgeon.”
But with another clue turning up in the files, a witness with a secret agenda, and a pursuit that leads to a dead body, this case’s head-spinning twists reveal the dark truth about a…


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