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Utilizing Sacred Geometry In Your Energy Healing Practice

Published 6/2024
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Upgrading Your Energy Healing Practice to incorporate Sacred Geometry
What you’ll learn
Learn about some of the different shapes in Sacred Geometry
How to activate your merkabah
Receive an activation from Ascended Master Lanto
Learn how to incorporate sacred geometry into your Energy Healing Practice
Basic understanding of Energy Healing and ability to send healing to others safely
This course will teach you how to utilize sacred geometry in your Energy Healing practices. This is an advanced level course and may require more foundational knowledge within Energy Healing prior to taking this course. In this course you will learn about the platonic solids such as the tetrahedron, isohedron, octahedron, cube and dodecahedron. I then discuss how these correspond to different elements. As well, you will learn about additional shapes and structures that can help you when you are healing yourself or others such as the flower of life, copper gold and more!!!You will also learn how to begin to activate your Merkabah to the highest dimension for your current divine template so that you utilize this powerful vehicle in your manifesting. Following you will receive an activation from Ascended Master Lanto. This activation will help you connect with the divine wisdom and knowledge of the universe. As well, ascended Master Lanto will give you a gift which is going to help you connect to your spiritual gifts.We end with a demonstration on how you can begin to utilize these various structures into your healing practice and different ways that I utilize these shapes in my everyday practice.
Who this course is for
Spiritually curious individuals looking to expand their healing toolbox

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