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Witte F Metrics for Test Reporting Analysis and Reporting 2024

Witte F Metrics for Test Reporting Analysis and Reporting 2024 | 3.68 MB
235 Pages

Title: Metrics for Test Reporting: Analysis and Reporting for Effective Test Management
Author: Frank Witte

Part of any software development is to regularly inform management about the progress and any problems of the project. This book presents various test parameters and metrics that can be used to vividly illustrate the progress of a software test and easily identify any need for action. The key parameters and index values that are essential for successful reporting are explained in detail. Starting with the historical development of test reporting, the author explains the fundamental benefits of metrics and provides an overview of the different types of metrics and how they can be used effectively in software testing. He shows how a particular metric can be individually adapted to the software to be tested, starting with the test specification and test execution through to the development of test coverage, and how this can lead to test automation. He also presents the advantages and disadvantages of those test metrics that are based on defects, i.e. that measure the number of defects, the defect density and the development of defects over time.
With this detailed examination of test reporting, the author provides an optimal basis for evaluation, which not only allows the assessment of which test metric should be used for which purpose or which individual project situation, but also what the particular problems of an individual metric for test reporting may be and how these problems can best be solved. This practical guide is therefore primarily aimed at employees in IT projects, such as project managers, software testers and developers, but business and technology consultants as well as lecturers at colleges and universities will also find an exciting insight into various software testing methods.


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